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OUR SOLUTIONS - Industrial

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings together machines and processes, advanced analytics and people to monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze real-time sensor data to deliver meaningful insights. The biggest benefit of IIoT is that it gives manufacturers the ability to automate, and therefore optimize their operating efficiency. Industrial IoT has the ability to radically transform manufacturing.

  •     Machine Vision – QA
  •     Energy Monitoring
  •     Equipment Monitoring
  •     Inventory Management - RFID / BLE / Smart Sensors
  •     Employee Safety (Core Body Temp/Danger Zone Alert)
  •     Air Quality Monitoring
  •     Asset Tracking - GPS / BLE / Satellite Imagery
  •     Perimeter Security

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We have established ourselves as market leaders within the sector followed by commercial, healthcare, residential and infrastructure projects.

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To continuously improve our Quality System so that our products and services meet our client satisfaction.